Rules & Regulations

  • Novice: Dancer is a first time competitor
  • Pre-Competitive: Dancers train less than 6 hours per week
  • Competitive: Dancers train more than 6 hours per week
  • RUNWAY's G.R.E.A.T. (Graciously, Recognizing, Exceptional, Ability, Today) - Dancer has intellectual and/or physical disabilities
  • Solo (1 Dancer)
  • Duet (2 Dancers)
  • Trio  (3 Dancers)
  • Small Group (4-9 Dancers)
  • Large Group (10-17 Dancers)
  • Extended Line (18+ Dancers)
  • Production (Unlimited Number of Dancers)

Age division is calculated by adding together all ages of dancers in the entry, dividing by the number of performers, and dropping all decimals. Ages are determined as of December 31st.

  • Mini: 6 yrs & Under
  • Petite: 7-8 yrs
  • Junior: 9-10 yrs
  • Intermediate: 11-12 yrs 
  • Pre-Teen:  13-14 yrs
  • Teen: 15-16 yrs
  • Senior:  17-18 yrs
  • Adult:  19+ yrs

The following are time limits for each entry including entrances and exists:

  • Solos: Three (3) minutes maximum
  • Duets: Three (3) minutes maximum
  • Trios: Three (3) minutes maximum
  • Small Groups: Four (4) minutes maximum
  • Large Groups: Four (4) minutes maximum
  • Extended Lines: Five (5) minutes maximum
  • Productions: Eight (8) minutes maximum

If an entry exceeds the maximum allotted time for its category by thirty (30) seconds or more, you must notify RUNWAY of the time overage when you register for the competition. At which point you may be charged an additional overage fee.

  • Entry music needs to be submitted to RUNWAY Dance Connection via DanceBUG.
  • If needed, you may submit entry music to RUNWAY’s Music Manager on the day of competition via USB thumb drive. If that’s the case, music MUST be submitted at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the entry.
  • Entry music files contained on a USB Thumb Drive must be clearly labelled in the following format: ENTRY ID # --> ENTRY TITLE --> DANCE STUDIO NAME.
  • Entry music MUST NOT contain profanity, or explicit and/or suggestive sounds or lyrics. RUNWAY is a family-friendly event. Please edit out offensive material ahead of time, or supply a clean version of the music track.
  • Dancers must be ready to perform 5 entries prior to their scheduled performance time and report to the RUNWAY Backstage Manager.
  • All entries must perform in the order they are scheduled. If for any reason a routine must perform out of order, the order change must be approved by a RUNWAY Director or the Backstage Manager.
  • Dancers are prohibited from competing against themselves in any category and/or dance style. (For example, if a performer has two lyrical solos, only one solo can be performed in their category. The second solo must be listed in the age group above.) Groups can perform in the same category, BUT only if 50% of the dancers are different dancers.
  • Entries containing inappropriate content, including, but not limited to graphic violence, sexually explicit, suggestive, or promiscuous material, will be immediately ELIMINATED from the competition. RUNWAY Dance Connection is an inclusive, family-friendly event, suitable for all ages.
  • YOU are solely responsible for all your valuables and personal belongings. RUNWAY, nor the venue, share any responsibility for your property. Dance studios are responsible for any damages to their designated changing or warm-up areas.
  • If any of the Overall results, and/or RUNWAY Top Achievement Awards results in a tie, our panel of judges will select the winning entry based on technique scores.
  • Studios using PROPS must upload prop description on DanceBUG prior to the competition, with full details and specifications for each prop being used. For prop usage requests and information contact RUNWAY ( Prop requirements/restrictions may vary depending on the venue. ​
  • RUNWAY reserves the right to limit, reject, cancel or refuse registrations, and to terminate or change the dates, format and/or location of event(s), in its discretion, including, without limitation, if RUNWAY believes that there is an insufficient number of registrants for the event(s).